This Month's Themes

01/01/2018New Year WeekWelcome back and a chance to welcome in the New Year 2018. Making calendars, cookery activities pizzas and cookies. Setting some resolution challenges.
08/01/2018Dinosaur WeekExploring the Jurassic world of Dinosaurs. We'll be making volcanoes, and fossil dinosaur footprint cookies, slime and gloop and excavating some dinosaur eggs from ice!
15/01/2018Circus WeekFun week at the Circus, dressing up making up our own shows. We'll be making juggling balls and spinning plates. Making hot dogs and popcorn too.
22/01/2018Myths, Folklore and Legends WeekLooking at tales, myths and legends from around the world and through the ages. From Ancient Greek myths to the legend of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. We'll be doing lots of drama and craft activities this week.
29/01/2018Senses WeekWe have 5 of them and we'll be putting them all to the test this week with some fun challenges, from optical illusions, to taste challenges and feely boxes.
05/02/2018Superhero WeekVery popular theme with the children, we'll be making up our own superheroes with their own unique super powers. Lots of other fun craft and cookery activities too.